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We believe in better baby food – honest, supportive & nourishing.

At GroGro® we make honestsupportive nutritious baby food. Our meals are cold-pressed to lock in vitamins and nutrients. It’s the way all food should be – and is a little something we like to call, Scandinavian Simplicity.

So what makes us different?



Our cold pressed method naturally preserves vitamins & nutrients.

Never From Concentrate

Never From

Naturally delicious – the way all food should be.

No Spout Best For Baby

No Spout
Best For Baby

We encourage natural feeding with the removal of plastic spout which can damage the formation of teeth

The Gro Gro®

We are supporting parents aswell as babies. We empower parents to cook their own food, and have the best option available when they can't.

No Nasties – Always Organic
Honest Supportive Nutrition

Meet the family

Pink Porridge

A delicious cold pressed blend of apples, oats and raspberries. Containing 18.3% reference value of iron. Iron contributes to normal cognitive development of your little one.

Sweety Potatoes

Sweety Potatoes

A perfectly paired blend of nourishing fruit and vegetables including apple, sweet potato and blueberries.

Fantastic Fruits

Fantastic Fruits

A bright and nourishing blend of delicious and nutritious fruits – banana, mango and coconut milk Containing 2.7mg of Vitamin C per pouch!

Perky Porridge

Perky Porridge

Help your little ones rise and shine with our perky pick-me-up – a delicious blend of Pears, Oats, Bananas and Blueberries!

Fruit & Veggie

Fruit & Veggie

A balancing blend of fruits and vegetables – naturally High In Vitamin C including Pineapple, Apple, Sweet Potato & Quinoa.

The small but important bits...

Frequently asked questions

As a refrigerated baby food product – GroGro® maintains natural vitamins and nutrients. Traditionally, baby foods are subjected to heat pasteurisation, leading to a loss of key vitamins and minerals, as well as taste. In addition to this – ambient (shelf not fridge) baby food is often older than our babies themselves!

Cold-pressing is a method of preservation which extends the shelf life of fresh foods without affecting their natural flavours and texture. It also removes any harmful bacteria and maintains maximum nutrients.

By cold-pressing our recipes, GroGro® offers the freshest alternative to home-made cooking.

Yes of course! GroGro® is delicious straight from the fridge – or can be warmed for your little one. We recommend easily warming in warm water.

Keep refrigerated before and after opening. Out of the fridge GroGro® should be eaten within 6 hours. Consume within 48 hours of opening.

Yes, you can! GroGro® is natural delicious food for everyone. Perfect to bring to nursery for lunch or in between meals on the go.

Our ‘Pink Porridge’ contains natural gluten from oat. Otherwise all other products are without gluten. GroGro® products do not contain dairy or other allergens. 

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