Broccoli is a real super veggie! It contains a lot of vitamin C, much more than an orange! Broccoli also contains iron and folate which are so important for children as they develop.

You will need:

1 broccoli

2 tablespoons of butter or cold-pressed olive oil


Wash and slice the broccoli head into pieces. Boil or steam the pieces until they  are soft. We recommend steaming, where possible, to maintain the nutrients. Mash with a blender and stir in butter or oil. Place the portion you want to serve on a plate and freeze the rest in ice cubes or servings for another time.

Did you know?

The broccoli stem can also be eaten. It can be boiled or steamed together with the head or you can use it for snacks like dipping into hummus or nut butter. Enjoy!


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