A healthy and safe diet for children and infants with HPP products

Ensuring access to healthy food for children and infants is one of the biggest challenges that exist. Not necessarily because it is complicated, but rather because there are so many different pieces of advice out there. An alternative to industrially processed and heated products is cold pressing or so-called HPP technology (High-Pressure Processing) which can be used in the production of baby food.

Because we live in a world where many parents are stressed and constantly trying to manage everyday life, the demand for ready-made baby food products has increased. Here, HPP technology has arrived as an important complement in the baby food industry. HPP or cold pressing is a cold pasteurization technique where food products, which are already sealed in their final packaging, are inserted into a vessel and exposed to a high level of isostatic pressure transferred by water. The technology guarantees the elimination of pathogens without changing the nutritional value or taste or the rest of the properties of the original product. This is because the ingredients are not treated with heat. Therefore, both food producers and parents choose HPP products for children and infants.

HPP products in a stressful everyday life

Everyday life can be filled with demands and long to-do lists. It also means that the time for cooking is shrinking and parents are instead trying to find a healthy complement to the conventional baby food alternatives. If you look at the baby food shelf, there is a lack of variation. Here you will find highly processed fruit purees and meals in glass jars with a long shelf life at room temperature. It is not easy to find natural and minimally treated products. As these conventional products are often nutritionally deficient, they are not necessarily optimal for a growing child and their development. As an alternative to these products, there is baby food that is treated with HPP. In this way, you can guarantee freshness, safety, nutritional value and taste.

For Gro Gro, it was self-evident to choose HPP as the production method for delivering fresh, cold-pressed products.

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