grogro + Orkla

We have wonderful news to share with you!

grogro + Orkla = Santé!

We are delighted to announce that we now have a big and strong player backing us. Orkla and Grogro have partnered up for long term collaboration!

You may wonder if this might influence our independence and our ability to fulfill our values. But you know what?  Orkla decided to invest in us because of our values, not in spite of them. It’s not easy to become a serious player in the baby food category. Many have tried and failed. However, we have tremendous belief in our products and our capabilities as a team and we are confident that parents want more and better for their children. That’s why we are playing big! Having Orkla as an investor and partner is incredibly valuable to us in many ways. Orkla is a major player with enormous experience, scale and resources in the food industry. Orkla sees an opportunity in Grogro. They want to grow in new strategic categories and contribute to better food for children. This partnership will enable us to build our company in line with our core brand values: Honest, Empowering, Tasty, Wholesome. We are committed to making the best possible food for your little ones. This is the driving force for my co-founders Rania and Chloe and myself. Together with Orkla, we will build a strong Grogro and deliver on our promises.
Warmest regards, Malin Do you have any questions, please write to us <3
Here we are:
Rania originally from Egypt and living in London; Malin from Sweden living in Norway.
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