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Honest Supportive Nutrition – inspired by Scandivanian Simplicity

If there's something we know a thing or two about – it's baby food. We've taken our passion for clean, honest and nourishing food and paired it with our Scandinavian heritage and food values.




Because there is space for nothing else.


Because we are supporting parents aswell as babies.



Because it's the only way food should be.

56% Less Plastic Per Pouch

Spouting Off

Why we binned the spout...

Although convenient – spouts are damaging to the formation and health of teeth, whilst also encouraging unnatural feeding.

Spout sucking in infants slows down the development of motor skills of the mouth – as that natural feeding is lost in favour of convenience.

Spouts also use a large amount of plastic, something we are actively moving away from. Removing the spout from pouches saves a whopping 56% plastic use per pouch!

An average spout is made up of 4.4g of plastic – based on our estimated sales figures we will save 565kg plastic from landfill in our first year to market.

Did you know?

The first 1000 days are the most crucial

The foods that babies consume in the first two years of life lay the foundations of development for a lifetime. In this early phase, children need nutrient-dense food – with no room for empty calories!

Spouts can damage formation of teeth

Spout feeding may seem like a quick and easy option when we're busy – however the sucking nature of spouts is similar to a dummy/soother in the way it can damage formation of teeth.

Gro Gro® was founded by nutritionists & mothers

With the same worries, stresses and everyday problems as you. Gro Gro® was born out of a frustration for honest, nutritious and accessible food for our little ones.

Honest Supportive Nutrition
Honest Supportive Nutrition

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